X-venturer (Bedok Community Centre Adventure Group)

Activities from July December 2003




Registered by/ Status

Pulau Pubin - Chek Jawa

Prepare to pay $8 for ferry/ Taxi Van

6th July 8am at Changi Jetty

Register by 5th July

Bukit Timah Walk


12th July 3pm at Vistor Centre

Register by 11th July

Gunung Lambak -:

$30(member), $33 (non-member)

20th July

Register by 10th July

Gunung Panti -:

$35(member), $38.50 (non-member)

17th August

Register by 20th July

Mac Reservior Walk to Bukit Timah


31st August

Register by 30th August

Gunung Bulumut -:

For more information, please go to Belumut trek

$45(member), $49 (non-member)

20th night to 21th September

Register by 25th August

View photos of our Belumut trek !

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1) For Overseas trip (exclude cycling)

- Participants have to go through a medical chk up. (compulsory under PA's regulation). This Medical certification is valid for two years. Download medical form
- Costs inclusive travel insurance.

2) Membership and Mailing Group
- Price listed above is for members of Bedok CC Youth Group, PAYM only.
- Non member of Bedok CC youth group, PAYM, will pay a surcharge of $2 or 10%, whichever is higher, subject to a maximum of $100.
- Membership fee for Bedok CC PAYM is $6 for three years.

  Registration of X-venturer's Activities

Payment Mode 1) By Mail:

Send us your form and cheque (Payable to Bedok Community Centre YEC) to

The X-venturer, Bedok CCYEC
Bedok Community Centre
850, Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467352
Tel: 4425317
Fax: 4438086

2) By Person: - Registration form is obtainable at the community centre.
- Quote the activity name to the staff at duty.
- Both cash and net payment are available at the Community Centre (Address as Above).

For correspondences and to be in the mailing list :