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Past Events

Definitely not going on an ego-trip, SCM's list of activities is rather impressive. Our past activities include

  • ecological workshops and retreats in Malaysia
  • discussion sessions on issues like gender and migrant workers in Singapore
  • workshops on relating our faith to our actions
  • bible study
  • exposure trips to neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia

And When We Let Our Hair Down...

Of course, informal activities such as chit-chatting over Indian food or makan session over at some members' place, are a popular sport. So, you can see that SCM does not only sink its teeth into serious stuff. We work and play hard.

"Akan Datang"

Activities in the pipeline include this on-going update of our Web, as well as a series of thought-provoking video-watch starting mid-year. The titles include issues on poor women workers in the regional countries, sexual harrassment, environment, our faith relating to our social actions, and so on. Meanwhile, tentative plans are in the process for yet another eye-opening exposure trip to one of our neighbours.

What do you think? So, how about joining us? Come lah, don't shy! Get your buddy along too!

The Student Christian Movement of Singapore brings together students and young adults whose faith motivates them to respond actively to the issues of the world today. SCM Singapore was founded in 1939 and is part of the World Student Christian Federation - a body which consists of SCMs from more than one hundred countries from all parts of the world.