Trekking and backpacking in Malaysia

1.Mountains of Malaysia
1.1 Gunung Tahan
1.2 Gunung Korbu
1.2 Gunung Ledang
1.3 Gunung Kinabalu
1.4 Gunung Belumut
1.5 Gunung Ayam/Stong Hill
2.Waterfalls of Malaysia
2.1 Berkelah Waterfall
2.2 Perlapah (Near Kota Tinggi)
3. National Parks in Malaysia
3.1 Caving
3.2 Jungle trekking
4. Beaches in Malaysia
5. Train S.
6. Domestic flight S.
7. General information of Malaysia

Mountain in Malaysia

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Johor / Malaysia



Gunung Muntahak

2080 ft

1 day

Gunung Pulai ( Kulai )

2147 ft

1 day

Gunung Bekok

3126 ft

4 days

Gunung Belumut

3313 ft

2 days

Gunung Besar

3398 ft

3 days

Gunung Ledang ( Mt . Ophir)


3 days

Pahang / Malaysia



Gunung Chini

2103 ft

3 days

Gunung Tapis

4960 ft

3 days

Gunung Brinchang

6041 ft

2 days

Gunung Irau

6914 ft

2 days

Gunung Benom

6194 ft

4 days

Gunung Tahan

7174 ft

5 - 7 days




Gunung Stong

4664 ft

3 days

Gunung Ulu Sepat

7089 ft

6 - 7 days

Gunung Chemah

7121 ft

6 days




Gunung Bubu

5437 ft

4 days

Gunung Batu Puteh

6990 ft

4 days

Gunung Yong Yap

7110 ft

7 days

Gunung Gayong

7129 ft

4 days

Gunung Yong Belar

7156 ft

4 days

Gunung Korbu

7162 ft

4 days




Gunung Trusmadi

7795 ft

2 days

Gunung Kinabalu

13,455 ft

2 days

Gunung Korbu

The second highest peak in West Malaysia, standing at 2183 meters, it is only 4 meters fall short of Gunung Tahan. This mountain can be reached from the town of Tanjong Rambutan, near Ipoh. There are two routes to the summit, one by the logging road and the other by the jungle trail, both need two days to ascent. Going by the logging road is much easier but can be slippery when coming down. First day of the trek will be on deserted logging road and on the second day of the ascent will be montane forest all the way to the top. During clear day one will be able to see the Kinta valley, where Ipoh is. Bingtang and Kledang range towards the west can also be clearly seen. Adequate fitness is required but with training will be better.

Gunung Ledang

The classical climb. One of the most challenging among the smaller mountains. Besides Sagil trail, the popular ascent route, there is another ascent route by the Asahan, which is on the northwest of the mountain. At 1276 m, the highest point in Johor, one can see the town and Straits of Malacca. Along the way up to the base camp are series of impressive waterfalls and cascades that you will not missed plus the change from tropical rainforest to montane forest, often shrouded by clouds in the afternoon, where you experience the air of coolness and tranquillity.

Waterfalls In Malaysia

Gunung Ledang Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Ulu Sungai Yong Waterfalls

Gunung Pulai Falls

Buaya Sangkut Waterfalls

Berkelah Waterfalls

Gunung Tapis Waterfalls

Belatan Waterfalls

Lata Temakar Waterfalls

National Parks in Malaysia



Beaches in Malaysia

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Train S.

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