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Local Trips

Slide show on Nabra Valley, Ladakh and Friendship Highway

Date: 26 Jan
Speaker: Jeannie
Jeannie Ong, a seasoned traveller, in her late 30s, has been travelling to many exoctic countries round the globe. Jeannie has written many article to Zhao Pao about her trip experience.
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Nite Cycling cum bike clinics

Date: 2nd Feb
I/C: Stanley/ abi
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Children Hike at Bukit Timah

Date: 16 March 2002
I/c: Chewmay/abi

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Kayaking 1 star Personal Award

Date: 9/ 16 June 2002
I/c: Abi

Cost: $45.50 (2 years membership to SeaSport Club)+ $30 (course)
Venue: Kallang Sea Sports Club
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Overseas Trips

Overseas Cycling (Malaysia)

Rout: TG Belungor / Kota Tinggi / Singapore
Estimated Distance: 100km
Date: 9/10 March
Time and venue to be confirmed again
Estimated cost is about $40-50
Cost includes insurance, ferry, one night accomodation at Kota Tinggi, all meals & bike leader.
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Belumut Trek

Date: 13-14 April
I/C:Abi / Chewmay/ Helena
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Cost : $45 (member) $49.50 (NM)
For more information, please go to Belumut trek

Stong Hill and Gunung Ayam

Main highlight: Caving at one of the oldest caves in Malaysia. Visit the highest waterfall in SEA
Date: 24-28 May
ic: Abi/ Chewmay/ Helena
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Go to Stong Hill to find out more about the place.
And to find out more details about the trek itself, go to Gunung Stong and Ayam trek.

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For enquiries and registration of the activities, either e-mail adventure_xventurer@yahoo.com or call Bedok CC at 44 25317

Note: For Overseas trip (exclude cycling), participants have to go through a medical chk up. (compulsory under PA's regulation). This Medical certofication is valid for two years. Costs inclusive travel insurance.

To download - application forms for activities , medical form and membership form