Trekking in Gunung Lambak - 20th July 2003

  Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest (Kluang)

Located at the foothill of Gunung Lambak, this recreational forest is a favourite retreat for picnics, bathing and mountain-climbing. The 510m high Gunung Lambak is accessible by footpaths provided. Facilities including car park, benches, rest shade, dressing room, toilets and a bridge leading to camp sites are provided.


       Bottom of Lambak                                                      Stanley: Let me show u my power later..


              Warming up....                                                            Steep slope ahead....       

   Pressing on ...    


                                                         Reaching the base...


What so interesting on the right?                          Starting of the real trek


Wow, steep slope...                                           Summit view


Resting time...                                                                       Food, glorious food.


Satisfied faces                                                                    Group photo at signboard