Oversea Cycling – TG Belungkor / Kota Tinggi town cum waterfall exploring

Date: 23-24 March 2002 (Sat and Sun)

Meet : 0700 a.m at Changi Ferry Terminal on 23 March 2002 (Sat.)

Cycling route: TG Belungkor / Kota Tinggi town by cycling on state road No. 89 and 92. Kota Tinggi / J.B on road No. 3.

Distance of travel: Estimate 70 K.M on 1st day, TG Belungkor / Kota Tinggi town and another 41 KM on the 2nd day.


Promote cycling to a healthy sport and positive impact to public

Promote safe cycling

Recruit membership and get to know each other through activity

Tighten the working relationship and co-ordination among working committee.

Level of difficult / terrain and things to see:

On road only but expect lot of up and down slopes so ensure the bike gear is working. Slick tire is o.k. on this trip. Expect heavy traffic (specially on the 2nd day) but it’s safe to keep on left. Will pass by some Malay kampung and bus stop where the friendly locals greet us and some shops along the roads selling different type of tropical fruits.

Kota Tinggi, 41KM from J.B., not just a town in Johor state but has its unique characteristics. Kota Tinggi itself is also hub to various adventure destination in the region, places like Pelerpah Waterfall, Kota Tinggi Waterfall and G. Panti, all those are just less than 20 minutes drive or 17 K.M distance away from town and that becomes popular weekend trip for both the locals and Singaporean. Recently, the fire flies cruise (by motor boat) in SG Johor becomes the new attraction to tourist, in a fine weather day, you can easily spot thousands of fire flies on trees, something like " Christmas trees in jungle ". Kota Tinggi waterfall has long been established as the main tourist attraction by the Johor tourism and the main pool in the waterfall is big (and deep) enough for driving and the powerful fast flowing water become a natural form of " body massage ".

TG. Belungkor mainly served the weekend holiday maker from Singapore to the expensive beach resorts in Desaru where is about 30KM away from TG. Belungkor. Most cycling group from Singapore to Desaru can be covered by one long day, travelling via Pengerang and SG. Rengit. TG. Belungkor-Kota Tinggi route seems to be very rare for cycling group (unless those going for Johor Lama, a famous fishing village) and more tough and challenging (with many rolling hills to climb) than Pengerang side.

Group of size: 15 persons including organizing committee.

Who should go: Preferable those who have experienced of cycling in Malaysia (but except for Pengarang) and confident the road traffic in Johor Bahru. Beginners are NOT advised to take part on this trip.

Registration: Please download the form , complete all the particulars, print out the form and return it, with payment* to Bedok C.C. by 16 March 2002. Please drop me a line so that I can consolidate the record of registeration.

* By cash, make payment to our C.C. counter before 09:00 p.m (cashier closed)

* By bank cheque, write in favour of " Bedok C.C. YEC ", with the registeration form attached and post to our C.C. Please specify the name of the activity on envelope for prompt attention.

Closing date: 16 March 2002 or when the 15 places are filled, which ever come first.

Fees: SGD 49 (member) and SGD 53.00 (non-member), includes of one night stay (on twin or triple sharing basis) in Hotel KoKo, No. 37 Jalan Besar, Kota Tinggi town or any hotel equivalent to our budget, two lunch, one dinner and one breakfast, entrance fee to Wet Water World Resort, two way transport (by bus or by taxi) from Kota Tinggi town to WWW Resort and travel insurance which cover SGD 10,000 for death and disability and SGD 2,000 medical expenses.

Members rate is applicable only to Bedok C.C. – Youth Group and other C.C. youth group membership as non-member.

 What to bring:

  1. Passport, valid at least six (6) months or above (not to forget to waterproof it in case of rain).
  2. Estimate Malaysian Ringgit 30.00, for buying snack and mineral water etc along the petrol station.
  3. Your own bike with necessary bike repair kit, at least one spare inner tube and please wear cycling helmet.
  4. Snack or energy bar and 2 litre water at all time (can refill along the drinking point)
  5. Extra set of clothing, rain gear
  6. Sun-lotion
  7. Toiletries
  8. Swimming constume, goggles etc for 2nd day use.

Programme: * (timing set is served for guideline only, programme subject to change)

Day one (23.03.02)

0700 Meet at Changi Ferry Terminal 
         Reporting / Passport check / check in at counter before boarding (counter closed 15 min. before departure)
0800 Ferry depart from Changi Ferry Terminal (can have your breakfast onboard but at participants own cost)
0845 Ferry estimate arrive TG Belungkor Ferry Terminal, Malaysia.
0900 Immigration / custom clearance (come with your bike)
0915 Programme / Safety briefing before move on
0930 Start for cycling
1700 Estimate time of arrival Kota Tinggi town
1700 Check in Hotel KoKo and follow by wash up, rest, leisure on your own.
1900 Proceed for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, locate direct opposite SG Johor.
2000 Finish dinner and option for fire flies cruise (those like to go please pay RM 15.00 each to the boat owner)
2000 Exploring the night market / shopping centre or simply try a cup of " kopi " at one of the traditional Chinese coffee shop.
2200 Back to hotel and rest.  That’s all today.

Day two (24.03.02)

0730 Wake up and pack up the necessary stuff for waterfall but need not to check out hotel.

0800 Breakfast (budget at RM 4.00 per person) in a hawker centre or coffee shop in Kota Tinggi

0900 Take bus or taxi to waterfall resort (17KM from town)

0915 Arrive Wet Water World Resort

1130 Lunch inside waterfall resort (budget at RM 8.00 per person)

1230 Return back to Kota Tinggi

1330 Check out from hotel and start for the return journey

1415 Stop at one of the Malay kampung shop to try the " burning conconut " and " bamboo rice "
1630 Arrival J.B. custom and immigration, keep on the extreme left (motorbike lane) for clearance

1730 De-briefing and thank you message at Woodland’s McDonald before dismissal.

Rest / drinking / toilet point :

Anywhere we find it suitable but it should mainly on the petrol stations or some Malay kampung coffee shop etc. All snack / drink purchased are on participants own account.

In case of emergency :

There is one hospital / police station in Kota Tinggi town

Trip organizer profile: Stanley Lai, 2nd vice chairperson of YEC, Bedok C.C., SALT certified (1st batch in year 2000). Have organized the following cycling trips for Bedok C.C.

Overnight Cycling in April 00 – lead 10 persons

Oversea Cycling – Pulai Waterfall and Peken Nanas in May 01 – lead 14 persons

Oversea Cycling – J.B. / Kota Tinggi / J.B. in Jul 01- lead 8 persons

Bike clinic cum overnight cycling (Singapore) in Feb 02 – lead 16 persons

What leader will bring:

List of participants particular and next-of-kin, 1st aid medical kit, bike repair kit, spare inner tube, camera with one film roll. Emergency contact no. (local police station, hospital and insurance contact etc). H/P 9795 9391 (with auto-roaming service)

For further enquires: Please contact the trip organizer Stanley Lai at 9749 4890 (H/P) or 782 7272 (home) can be contacted after 27th February 2002 or by email stanley_0811@hotmail.com