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With a magic that has fascinated geologists and archaeologist from all over the world, Malaysia's caves are huge chambers inhabited by bats and where one can witness beautifully sculpted stalagmites stalactites and Nature's other marvels.  

Caves have played a role in the story of human civilisations rights from the Stone Age till today. Evidence from the past is clearly depicted in most great caves especially the ones in Sarawak, where some of the worlds most interesting caves may be found.  

One will gasp and stare at the awesome sight of its cavernous interior, wall paintings archaeological remains, Flora and Fauna and breathtaking features. Some of the more spectacular caves in Sarawak are the Fairy Cave, Windy cave and Jambusan Cave, Niah Great Cave and Niah. Painted cave in Niah National Park. Miri Sarawak Chamber Beer Cave Green Cave, Clear Water Cave, Wind Cave and Turtle Cave in Mulu National Park.  

The Mulu Cave, limestone formation, promises the ultimate challenge in cave exploring. The cave, located in Sarawak is considered to be the longest cave chamber in the world and the longest in South-East Asia. Winding as far as 52 km through the hills. Every expedition carried out produces new carried our produces new records and findings and there are still more passageways to be discovered in the future. Basically caves as divided into 2 categories-show caves and adventure caves. Caves that fall under the first category are Deer Cave, Lang Cave and Clear Water Cave . 

Deer Cave is regarded as the world longest cave passage an estimated 2 to 6 millions bats call this cave home and cover the floor with guano. when mixed with water the wet guano can make movement slippery and dangerous.  

Lang cave is known to have exquisite cave formations and one of the most beautiful is the King's Rooms. An underground river passes through Clear Water Cave, which is also the longest cave system in South-East Asia.  

Good examples of adventure caves are the Drunken Forest Cave and Legan's Cave. Unique natural formations of peculiar shapes can be found in the Drunken Forest Cave while a legan's cave Explorer may stumble upon the extraordinary blind catfish the numerous caves in Mulu can be segregated into common sites, namely the Southern Hills-Deer Cave Deer Water Cave, Queen Daniel's Cave and surface Cave Next is the area of Gunung Api- Legans Cave Clear Water Cave, Leopard Cave, Solom Cave, Drunken Forest Cave, Cobra Caves, Good Wonder Cave and Black Rock Cave. The locals normally strongly recommend the caves of the Benarat Cavern which consists of the Sakai's Cave' Tiger Cave, Cobweh Cave Deception Terikan Rising West and East Caves and Moonlight Bay Cave.  
The Niah Caves, about 2 hours out Kuching. sparks off more interesting adventures. Its wall portray unique prehistoric paintings, while most of the chambers have hundreds of luminous rock formations that have been moulded by nature into fascinating shapes.  
Arrangements for cave exploring activities can be done through specialised inbound tour operations such as Alo Doda Travel. Borneo Overland Services or other travel related agencies in Kuching. Miri and Kuala Lumpur.  

Cave explorers may opt for scientific expedition trails previously explored by the Royal Geographic Society, London and the State Government of Sarawak. It is advisable for cave explorers to request assistance from experienced local experts such as Mr. Nilong Man from Alo Doda. he as been involved in cave exploration for nearly 15 years and is strongly recommended by the Royal Geographic Society due to his vast experience.  

In Sandakan Sabah, Gomantong Cave is an exciting show cave housing the biggest birds, nest cave. Consisting of 2 large covers, the cave is the home of thousands of swifts, which nest on the roofs are a prized Chinese delicacy.  

Peninsular Malaysia trough not as popular for cave explorations as Sarawak, may well serve as an introduction for fist timers and foreigners to acclimatise themselves. In Taman Negara, two caves, namely Daun Menari and Luas Caves are suitable for exploration although the initial climb to the caves is slippery and challenging. Cave exploration trips can also be arranged in Perak, namely the Kundu Cave in Gopeng and the Tempurung Cave in Kampar . In Kelantan caving activities are often organised at Ikan Cave in Kuala Krai. Within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Batu Caves is a popular spot. with a couple of interesting limestone caves in the area. In Terengganu, Kenyir lake holds the promise of more interesting explorations with the Taat and Bewah Caves, besides other submerged caves in the surrounding area.   

Cave Exploring Notes

Cave exploring is a relatively new activity in Malaysia and as such, there are many surprises awaiting cave explorers. especially in the Mulu area since 1976,5 major expeditions have been conducted but less than 30% of the total caves passages have been explored. The previous major expeditions carried out were by the Royal Geographic Society, London : 78, Mulu 80, Sarawak 84 and Mulu 88, The total length of cave expeditions is 168 km.  

Be prepared for the smell of guono, bats delicate limestone rocks, swiftlets and even snakes, while exploring caves. As a safety precaution, guides are recommended for all trips into the dark caves.  
Obstacles passages and trails may differ from one cave to another.  
Although most show caves have been property cemented or have still have rough terrain and are very unpredictable.  

Important Tips


All cave explorers should be fit and free from any allergies related to limestones, guono stench and dust. This is because most caves in Malaysia are limestone formations.
Basic equipment such as soft soled sneakers helmets head lights and ropes are a must. Bring along spare bulbs fuses, torchlight and batteries.
Since cave explorers will spend long hours or even days in damp and wet conditions, it advisable to wear plastic socks to prevent any foot infection.
For easy manoeuvrability in small passages, tight openings, small holes and culverts, shorts are the ideal attire.
The ideal number of people in any exploration group is between 3 to 5 with experienced guides accompanying.
All cave explorers should have some sense of preservation and conservation and preservation of the stalagmites and stalactites and other natural formations and species. It is important to leave everything the way it was when you found it. Leave noting behind except your footprints.


Social/Commercial Organisations


National Parks & Wildlife Office. Forest Department. Miri Sarawak. Tel : 085-36637.
National Park & Wildlife Office. 1st Floor, Wisma Sumber Alam. Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya. 93050 Kuching Sarawak. Tel : 082-442180/442201
Majlis Daerah Kuala Krai Utara. 1806 Kuala Krai. Kelantan. Tel : 09-966121  

Commercial Organisation 

Alo Doda Travel. 2, Jalan Setia Raja. P.O. Box 641. 98007 Miri Sarawak. Tel : 085-55150/55025.
Borneo Adventure Sdn. Bhd. Unit 9.02 Tingkat 9,Wisma Pelita Tunku. 9800 Miri Sarawak. Tel: 085-414935. Fax: 085-414379.
Tropical Adventure Sdn. Bhd. Lot 228, 1st Floor. Jalan Maju. Beautiful Jade Centre. P.O. Box 1433. 98009 Miri Sarawak. Tel : 086-338663/33871/33864.
Borneo Overland Services  Sdn. Bhd. 37, Ground Floor, Rashawan. Building, Brooke Road. P.O. Box 1509. 98008 Miri Sarawak. Tel : 085-80255. Fax : 085-416424

Social Organisation 

National Parks. Forest Department. Miri Sarawak. Tel : 085-36637.
National Park & Wildlife Office. 1st Floor, Wisma Sumber Alam. Jalan Stadium Petra Jaya. 93050 Kuching Sarawak. Tel : 082-442180/442201. 




Sarawak: Fairy Cave, Wind Cave, Jambusan Cave (Bau) Niah Great Cave Niah painted Cave (Miri), Chamber Deer Cave, Moon Cave Green Cave, Clear Water Cave, Wind Cave, Drunken Forest, benarat Cavern Lung Cave & Turtle Cave (Mulu National Park )
Kelantan: Ikan Cave
Perak: Kundu Cave & Tempurung Cave.
Pahang: Batu Tinggi Cave, Batu Tangkap Cave, Batu Telakup Cave, Hijau Cave & Harimau Cave.